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Some things to try:


Have you have recently migrated to the LSEG Microsoft 365 environment? 

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing The Source or any other heritage Refinitiv platforms (such as Connectiv or Tableau etc), it could be a result of your recent migration to the LSEG 365 environment.

Try this:

    1. Open The Source ( ) in an Incognito (Chrome) / InPrivate (Edge) browser window. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS)
    2. When prompted to sign-in, select your Refinitiv account (email address). Note: if you go straight to the password screen, select the option to sign in with a different account.
    3. You will need to enter your Refinitiv password not the new password you created for your LSEG account.
If the above steps do not work in your usual web browser, try completing them in different one such as; Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome. If you continue to find you are having issues, please raise a ticket with your Service Desk:

For 365 Migration User Guides, FAQs and a list of local Power Ambassadors, visit the Microsoft 365 Integration site on Connect.